Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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20 year old Checo works for a contractor painting houses. That's how we first met this hot Latin twink while watching him paint a house across the street on a hot day with no shirt on.
As you can see this cute Latin boys has a toned body and our photographer couldn't help but wonder what his Latin uncut cock looked like so he cooked up a scheme. When his boss left the site to buy some more paint our photographer took the chance to go talk to him and offer him something cold to drink.
Checo was hot and sweaty from working in the sun and quickly accepted the offer and came over for a cold soda and then asked if it would be possible to take a quick shower.
As our photographer showed him to the bathroom Checo started getting undressed right away with his back to our photographer and he was amazed at this naked latin boy's perfect ass!

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Well, one thing lead to another and let's just say that he discovered that Checo is not straight after all like he assumed but is bisexual... and versatile and loves to fuck young gay latin boys.
You've probably noticed by now that he has an incredibly hot body. Working as a house painter helps but he also runs a couple miles every morning and does push ups in the park afterwards to make sure he stays in good shape.
Sexually he says he has sex with guys about 80% of the time but once in while likes to fuck a girl, too. With guys he's 50/50 when it comes to fucking or getting fucked. He loves to get sucked off by cute Latin twinks with smooth bodies

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